Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Beginning !

It all started when Daddy (Gaurav) first met Mummy (Jyoti) on 19th June, 2005. Gaurav instantly fell in love with Jyoti due to her simplicity and innocence. Jyoti also liked Gaurav's modesty and down to earth nature (at least that what she tells Daddy and Daddy hopes that's true ;).

Two weeks later, 3rd July, 2005 - they got engaged and their short courtship period began. The date of marriage was finalized as 12th September, 2005 and both of them were feeling the wedding blues. Anyway, the courtship period passed in a fly with shopping, movies, frequent dates and dinners before they went off to Jaipur and Sirsa to wrap up the last minute preparations.

I'm sure daddy never imagined that 2.5 years down the line, he would be writing a blog for his daughter :)

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