Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fourteen Months Old !

29th December, 2008:- The last month has been a mixed bag and I turned fourteen months old yesterday. The first few days just flew & the next few just wouldn't come to an end. I spent a fortnight at Nani's place and for Daddy, the fortnight seemed like an eternity.

It's been a busy month celebrating Daddy's birthday, X-mas and Grandma's birthday. Daddy says that my scorpio traits are now showing up more than ever. Here are some of the evidences presented by him to support his theory:-

- If I'm not in a mood to eat, you can try all the tricks in the world without succeeding!
- If the TV is on, it has to be either MTV or 9XM playing some cool songs like Pappu Can't Dance (yippee !!)
- If Daddy is working on his laptop, he has to stop the work and play a cartoon movie till I get bored of it
- If he tries to make me walk on my own & I'm not in a mood to do so, he has to admit defeat whether it be in 2 minutes or 20 minutes (It does not take that long, trust me !!!)

My sense of recognition has improved remarkably over the last one month & now

- I can switch the lights on/ off
- I can pick up Daddy's cell, dial a random number & say 'Hello' :P
- I can point to my head, eyes, ears, nose & tummy :)
- I can tell how a dog barks, how a cat meows & how a lion roars !
- I can point my house from a distance when standing on the corner of the street
- I can alert Mamma or Grandma when it's time for susu/ poti ;)

As usual, it's been great fun and now I look forward to an equally mischevious 2009 !!

Happy New Year to Every One & God Bless You All !!

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