Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fatherhood !!

Daddy usually doesn't do any Tag posts on this blog because he believes that this is not a parenting blog; for that matter; he believes that this is my (Vanu's) blog & not his blog so he doesn't have the rights to write about anything else apart from my adventures :)

But since the request came from Puja, who follows our blog regularly & more so because it's about the relation that I & Daddy share so here we go !!

Gaurav takes over the writer role from Vanu, momentarily for this post.

There are events in one's life which can change the course of one's life. I know change is inevitable & for good but I've always hated it. I'm perhaps from the old school of Narayan Shankar (from Mohabbatein - Woops, my filmy vibes took over the keyboard) fame who loved repeating the words

"Mujhe parivartan pasand nahin hai" 

Sometimes, I even feel that Yash Chopra stole this dialogue from my personal diary but that's another story !

Fatherhood has been by far the biggest & sweetest change in my existence of 30 odd years on planet earth. To pick 5 things which make Fatherhood special to me is a daunting task because there are innumerable things that I love about being a father. However, let me give it a shot and pick the best 5 out of them in random order!!

1) Reliving My Childhood - I am the youngest amongst my siblings and probably the most pampered one as well. Childhood came & went in a flash though I still have a lot of loving memories about my early years !! And it came back with a bang when Vanisha was born. The fun & frolic with her has literally made me a child at heart again! She loves all the kid games that we play together and this is a part of my daily routine since the last 1.5 years. Taking her to the park, playing with other children and being amongst loads of young kids enjoying themselves gives me a high like no other!!

2) Pure, Unadulterated Love - For the uninformed, Vanisha means 'pure' and that's what precisely is - A bundle of pure, unadulterated love & affection !! She can not see any of the family members in pain and the way she cuddles up to each of us, it's a blissful feeling. I feel blessed that 'Ba' (I, Me, Myself) carries a special place in her heart. Every single day, I continue to be amazed at how selfless, loving and caring a kid is !! It is an amazing feeling to be in love and be loved, nothing else matters !!

3) Parenting - While I love being a child again, I equally enjoy my responsibilities as a parent !! I read these lines few months before Vanisha was born & I'll probably never forget them for the rest of my life !!

"Being a parent is the most rewarding job you'll ever have. That's not to say it isn't some of the hardest work you'll ever do though."

I full heartedly agree. I love being a parent & doing everything that a father (or even a mother) is or isn't supposed to do. From susu-potty clean up, susu-potty training, bathing, eating, putting her to sleep, waking her up in the morning, dressing her up in cute little frocks, taking her to the park, playing with her - it has become a indispensable part of my everyday life. She looks up to me as a friend and guide and I love how she learns new things every day!

4) Future - I've always taken most of my life's important decisions from my heart & not from my head. My family has been my biggest asset in life and will continue to be so till I'm alive !! Long ago, I gave up my professional aspirations of fat salary cheques, foreign trips and a lavish lifestyle to be with my family in my hometown. I'm content with what I have & with what I earn. I was never a part of the fast moving rat race and probably never will be. 

However, now I look forward to creating a secure future for my child. I want her to lead a good life, have a good education and be a good human being !! I've always been a person who has lived in the present and damned the future. Fatherhood has changed that and while I still live in the present with my feet firmly on the ground and my head above my shoulders, I have an eye for the future - mine & my child's future !

5) God & Faith - I've never claimed to be a staunch believer in Idol Worship. I've always believed that there is some super-natural power which controls our existence - whether we believe it or not is our choice! Whether we call it God, Allah or Wahe-Guru is immaterial. I also believe that we must respect it. There have been occasions & times in my life when my beliefs have been shaken to the core! Vanisha has re-enforced my belief in God & I firmly believe that like all other kids, she is a child of god and god loves his children. She is god's blessing to me - a blessing that makes me think about & thank God every moment !! I couldn't have asked for more in life !! 

Thank you God, once again, for giving me Vanisha - the joy of my life !!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Gaurav, Just lovely....

Though we mothers let our emotions show through tears and words, its very rare that a father expresses his emotions, and that too in such a wonderful manner..

Keep basking in your baby's love!!