Saturday, June 14, 2008

Seven Months Old !

29th May, 2008 - I turned 7 months old today. Time flies !! For sure :)

As I grow up, I'm learning a lot of new things. During the last one month, I've learnt to

* Crawl on the ground, more importantly without falling down. Ouch, the first bump still hurts.
* Walk to every possible corner of the house with my walker.
* Learn to observe the sparrows on the neighbourhood tree.
* Mutter a few words like Aaba, Mama, Aiga
* Shout on the top of my voice when Daddy/ Mamma get tired & stop playing with me
* Dance whenever foot tapping music is played (Daddy, please upload my latest dance video soon)
* Watch serials with Mamma - I rarely bother Mamma when she is busy watching her favourite serials from 9:00-10:00 PM every day. In fact, I've started watching them on and off (Daddy - What a pity !!)
* Play Poshamba with Mamma - She does'nt really know any other game
* Play Bouncy Baby with Daddy - Difficult to explain in words but I enjoy it the most.
* Other new learnings would be best described by video clips :)

Daddy says that these seven months have been the happiest of his life (liar liar !! He used to say the same after seven months of marriage) and he's reliving his entire childhood with me. Mamma never grew up, her childhood is eternal so there's no question of reliving it in her case :)

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