Monday, June 9, 2008

The First Fall !

It was inevitable and waiting to happen ever since I learnt to roll over on my back and stomach. It happened a few days back & left Mamma in more pain than me.

Mamma usually reaches home around 5:30 PM in the evening and we play for as long as we can before we both doze off for an evening nap. Every thing was the same this evening except that Mamma made a fatal mistake of leaving me alone on the bed as she went to the kitchen to get some Cerelac for me.

With in no time, I was at the edge of the bed and wondering what to do next. My curiosity to touch the ground got the better of me and seconds later, I was on the floor with a bump on my head and tears in my eyes.

I cried out so loud that everybody at home rushed to see my adventure go bad. Grandma was holding me in her arms and trying to massage my head to minimize the pain and keep the bump size as small as possible :) Mamma was inconsolable by then and in a big pool of tears thinking that it was because of her mistake that I was in such pain.

Daddy reached home after an hour or so. I was just fine by then and back to my mischevious self. Mamma had a second round of tears for the next half an hour just in case Daddy did'nt come to know about round one from Grandma and others. Daddy had to give her usual dose of boring lectures about how it's natural for every child to fall in order to understand the importance of standing up. His philosphy can put anybody to sleep and Mamma is no exception :)

Anyway, the pain went away after a few hours and the bump went away after a couple of days. Thankfully and as Daddy says my "Invaluable smile never went away, that's what matters in life. Rest are mere details"

Yikes... what a boring line to end a painful post:(

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