Friday, May 23, 2008

Acute Diarrhoea :(

There have been a lot of climatic changes off-late in Jaipur - scorching sun & heat one day, rain & thunderstorms the very next day, pleasant & sunny at times and unpredictable at all times :) Such climatic variations often take their toll more on kids than adults.

This time I've been caught in the trap. It's been a long week of pain & illness, taking regular medicines, consulting 2 doctors and lots of care by Grandma, Mamma and Daddy. By God's grace & much to the joy of Daddy, I'm beginning to feel much better since today morning.

He'll hopefully now stop the following:-

* Criticizing doctors on how unprofessional & greedy they are
* Crib about how useless & expensive the medicines are
* Waking up 50 times during the night to see if I'm uncomfortable or in pain
* Taking leave from office or asking Mamma to do the same

Diarrhoea is common in young kids especially those less than an year old. It usually comes from a stomach infection & it's not hard to guess why I had this infection. I have a habit of trying to taste everything & anything so anything that comes within 50 centimeters of my range is bound to be tasted. It includes:-

* Newspaper - I love it - soft, easy to chew; makes a great sound while eating
* TV Remote - The colourful buttons fascinate me
* AC Remote - I'm learning to switch it on
* All my toys - Eating Appu is my favourite pass time

I hate the taste of these medicines. Yuck !!! During the past week, Daddy tried to be clever with me by giving me medicines using my milk bottle but he does not know that I've already developed a strong sense of what's happening around me. He, Mamma & Grandma - all 3 of them :) had to hold me together in order to give me medicines.

I'm glad all their care & love is paying off and am on my way to speedy recovery !! Dr. Bhasin always calls me 'Happy Baby' and today morning, he said that my mischevious smile is coming back. To prove that he's right, I played & played the whole day with Grandma & Grandpa.

Cheer up every body, it's fun time again !!!

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