Thursday, May 15, 2008

Six Months Old !!

On 29th April-2008, I turned six months old. Much to the joy of Daddy & rest of my family, now it's just 6 more months to go before they celebrate my 1st birthday. Although I'm just 6 months old, Daddy and Mamma often expect me to behave like a 6 year old - eat, sleep and do just about everything at the right time :) I can understand as they are first time, over anxious parents who are yet to settle down into parenthood. They'll learn with time :)

I've learnt to sit and crawl on the bed in last one month or so. While it's pleasing for others to see and I enjoy it a lot, it makes everybody in the family nervous as I often crawl to edges on the bed. Those corners seem ever so dangerous to Daddy now. On more than one occasions, I would have nearly fallen off if Daddy/ Grandma would not have caught me mid-air :)

Growing up is fun and it has it's fair share of ups and downs associated with it (literally !!). A child who does not attempt to walk or crawl for the fear of falling down will never experience the joy of learning. Childhood is meant to be fun but it's also meant to be the start of learning experience for any human being (Yawn !! Daddy's Philosphy seems to go from bad to worse)

Signing off this short post with a promise (nth time) from Daddy, that there'll be at least one post every week from now on :)


Anonymous said...

(Belated) Happy Birthday Vanisha :-)
May you grow stronger and healthier every day..
God Bless you!

Vanu said...