Friday, April 11, 2008

Susu Factory !!

Now that winters are over, Daddy and rest of the family members have taken a huge sigh of relief. The winters were severly cold this year in North India including my home town Jaipur.

The chilly winters meant more susu, more wet beds, more & more wet bedsheets and a lot of washing up to do ;). Don't blame me daddy because I always give you a warning before I do susu (mostly on your lap) by crying out loud, it's a pity that you don't understand. Mamma is my favourite victim and I just love to do it on her :) and it does not matter to me if she's getting ready for college, sleeping, eating or blah blah.

Grandma is a tough nut to crack because she always takes me to the bathroom in every half an hour or so. She's determined to make me a well behaved kiddo rather than a spoiled brat. Needless to mention that almost every guest who's visited our house and picked me up in their arms have been fortunate to get the acclaimed 'Vanu's Susu dose.

Daddy's business ideas are always ridiculous and this one is no different. Considering my high productivity level and the extra ordinarily high frequency of susu associated with it :), he says that it should all be collected and re-cycled. This will put an end to India's water problems and earn huge profits for us as well. So, in near future, we might launch our first joint venture 'Susu Inc.' with me serving as Chief Production Officer and Daddy as my assistant. The company works 365 x 24 x 7 with no breaks what so ever :)

He also says that if the idea takes off, we'll recruit all new born babies in the neighbourhood and start training them on how to increase their susu productivity. Those interested in getting their kids registered should contact Daddy earliest possible, we offer cash as well as ESOPs for star performers :))

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