Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ba !!

I'm glad that after yelling this word on the top of my voice numerous times every day, Daddy now knows what I mean when I say 'Ba'.

Saying 'Papa' may be difficult enough as I learn how each alphabet is different than others but 'Ba' is managable. By God's grace, Daddy & everybody else in the family now understands that 'Ba' refers to Daddy :) Here are some of the other acronyms from my personal dictionary:-

Ma - Mamma
Da - Grandpa
Aaye - Grandma (Impossible to get the spelling right as the length of 'aaye' varies with my mood)
Huh - Doggie

Daddy absolutely loves it when he reaches home after office and I just go crazy yelling 'Ba Ba Ba ...' until he holds me in his arms and we go for our customary evening walk to the near by park or temple. The same routine is followed every morning when I wake up :)

For the uninformed, 'Ba' usually refers to a 200-300 year old lady usually found in the most boring family soaps on Indian Telivision. The lady just never refuses to die while her son/ daughter marries 3-4 times, her daughter in-law undergoes a plastic surgery (twice !), her grandson dies and becomes alive yet again & what not !!!!

Daddy says 'Vanu, beta tujhe yeh hi shabd mila tha mere liye ?' :(

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