Friday, September 5, 2008

Driving is fun !!

I love driving, it doesn't matter if it's a small car which Daddy bought me when I was 5 months old or his own car which is getting old now. Since Daddy's car is too big for the entrance of my room, so I usually roam around from one room to another in my small little car. Daddy usually gets scared when I zoom around at a high speed on my joy ride :)

Since I'm not old enough to have a driving license (what a pity !!), Daddy usually drives when he takes me & Mamma out. I enjoy sitting on the front seat along with him and I love watching the action from the window. I don't trouble him at all when I'm in the car and when I do, he puts the seat belt all around me to stop me from even thinking about any mischievous activities.

Daddy, just wait till I'm old enough to drive and you are due for a few good 'Driving Lessons' from me :P

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