Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fifteen Months Old !

29th January, 2009:- I turned FIFTEEN months (aka sawa saal) old today and I behave exactly how a teenager is supposed to :)

Here are some of my latest teenage obsessions:-

* Phone Conversations - Pick up the phone, dial a number and murmur on and on! That too with the phone receive held upside down :)

* Idiot Box aka Television - The craze for watching music numbers has just transcended to unprecedented levels. This is a rather serious issue in Daddy's opinion so we rather leave it here without much details :(

* Stairs - Daddy often asks Mamma - 'What is it with kids & stairs?' The moment I see the door open, I'm off to the stairs. Daddy watches in bemusement while I climb up and down, up & down again till one is tired. A clarification: one here refers to Daddy :P

* Walk (err Run) - It's been close to 2 weeks since I took my first baby steps on my own and now, either Daddy or Mamma is running behind me all over the house to catch hold of me :)

* Study - I can pick up any book or magazine and gaze over the pages for hours and hours. Did I also mention that I & Daddy read the morning newspaper together (Till I get bored and I tear it apart !!)

It has been a fun-filled month to say the least. I'm loving it !!

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