Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweet 16 - Sixteen Months Old !!

28th February/ 1st March 2009:-

Sweet 16 is here !! I've turned 16 months old today. Last month has been a busy busy month with lots of activity happening on every front, loads of ups & downs. I had great fun attending a number of birthday parties of my friends and a number of wedding ceremonies of Daddy's friends/ relatives.

I had great fun at b'day parties of Adi (Son of Daddy's childhood friend Vikram), Satvik (my cousin) and Eshika (my neighbour & best pal). It is great fun to be amongst kids, balloons, toys and yummy cakes :)

Amongst the downs, both Grandpa & Bhua have not been in the best of health since last couple of weeks so that has kept Daddy a bit worried. I pray to God that both of them recover soon & everybody in the home gets back to their jovial self.

* By the way, Did I mention that I'n now old enough to dress myself up in a custom 'Home Made Saree' :)

* In the earlier post, Daddy already mentioned about my love for news papers. It has now transcended to new heights. I now recognize Sonia Aunty (Mrs. Sonia Gandhi) and PM Uncle (Honourable Prime Minister - Dr. Manmohan Singh) by looking at their photographs in the news paper. In fact, I know how to flip through all the pages of the news paper till I find their photos.

* The random mumurs and un-decodable yelling continues at least for now. Daddy's speaking course seems to have no effect what so ever.

- Papa is still called 'Pa'
- Grandma is still called 'Ba' (It is quiet difficult to differentiate it from 'Pa')
- Mama is still 'Ma' (Often becomes Ba)
- Doggy is now 'bhow bhow'
- Cat is 'Myaaa'
- Aeroplane is 'shoof' (Whatever the logic is)
- Namaste is 'Naman'
- Anything else is still 'Ba' or 'Bo'

* Daddy and I have now settled down to a fixed daily routine of playing. We go to the near by park at 10 PM in the night. While the time of going to the park is fixed by Daddy, the time of coming back is decided by yours truly. At the very least, it's 11 PM and if I get lucky and there are a couple of other kids in the park, 11:30 PM and mid-night don't seem to matter either :)

More in the next posts ....

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