Monday, March 16, 2009

98 to 102 Degrees - Snakes & Ladders !

10th March, 2009:- I wish the title of the post was a new game which I've been playing since last week. Unfortunately, it is how my body temperature has been behaving since the last one week and it's been painful to say the least.

What started off as a mild fever on 10th March night has turned into a seemingly never-ending painful viral infection. We set off with homeopathic medication, switched to mild allopathic dose and now relying on strong medication/ sedatives, nothing seemed to be working till yesterday. However, the temperature is again back to normal since yesterday evening. The chest infection is still pretty much there with no respite whatsoever.

The temperature has been playing around (Hide & Seek, Snakes & Ladders - whatever you call it) every few hours. Every now and then when it dropped, I was back to my mischievous self - running around the house and even managing to shake a leg when my favorite dance numbers were playing on TV. As the fever soars again, the jovial mood disappears. I've spent hours lying motionless on Daddy's shoulder during the last few days listening to the fairy tales and my favorite songs in his voice. Daddy has gloom written all over his face and anxiously waiting for me to recover back to normal health.

Not the kind of 'Happy Holi' we were hoping for! God bless.

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