Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Schedule !!

20th July, 2009 - Just in case you are thinking that the title of this post refers to Daddy, you are mistaken :D It refers to the hectic schedule of your's truly, Vanu !!

Here's a round-up of my every day schedule !!

1) Wake Up Time - This usually varies from 7:30 - 9:30 AM depending on how successfully Daddy was in putting me to sleep early on the previous night :) Waking up is usually associated with such a cute smile that it makes everyone's day !! It is usually followed up by saying 'Maste' aka 'Namaste' dozen times to make sure that everybody (including neighbours) are aware that I've woken up !

2) Time to brush - As soon as I'm out of bed, I drag Daddy/ Mamma (whoever is available) to the Washroom by repeating "Utho, Utho, Utho.... " and I order that I my tooth brush aka 'Bassh' be handed over to me. If they hand it over without putting tooth paste on it, I make it a point to repeat 'peeste' till they oblige. Once the brush has been handed over to me, the next 5 minutes are spent showcasing how NOT to brush your teeth to everyone around :)

3) Dudu Time - After the 'Bassh' & 'Peeste', it's time to fill-in my hungry stomach and I let Daddy/ Mamma know it by saying 'Dudu' till I get my hands on my milk bottle !! Mamma hands over my bottle of milk to me & plays FM radio for me. I finish up the milk while enjoying the music. However, if the milk is too hot, the word 'Gamm' (indicating Garam or hot) till the time milk is no longer hot :). If it's not hot enough, the word is 'thanda' and the same drama follows :)

4) Time to bath - After Dudu, I quickly glance through the newspapers with Daddy. I make it a point to search for 'Sonia Aunty' and 'PM Uncle' in the newspaper everyday & more often that not, I'm able to find at least one of them. Then, it's time to bath and I go on & on with 'Naha Naha Naha' till either Daddy/ Mamma takes me to bath. The next 15 minutes are spent playing with water in my custom bath tub. I enjoy it so much that it's a difficult task for Daddy/ Mamma to take me out of the bath tub & dress me up !! Never the less, I understand their professional duties and I usually don't bother them too much.

5) Breakfast - 'Khana' is the keyword repeated here till my tummy is full, I usually have a quick snack with Mamma/ Daddy or Daadi Ma... this is also the time Mamma & Daddy leave for work, they usually sneak out of the house while I'm having breakfast with Daadi Ma.

6) Booook - indicates that it's time to browse through my picture books and story books for the next hour or so. Daadi Ma is my study partner :) I'm now starting to learn colors as well. My counting follows some weird pattern right now and it goes 'One Thee Ten', sweet & short :), alphabets follow a similar trend with A, B and then a straight jump to I.

7) Kissna - indicates that it's time to watch my favorite TV show 'Jai Shri Krishna' on TV. I absolutely love this one and I make it a point never to miss it. I can even mimic how Kissna steals makhan and how his mother ties him up when he acts naughty. Although it's difficult to make me sit at one place during rest of the day, it is impossible to make me move away from the TV set while Jai Shri Krishna is on air :D

8) Gulia (Gudia aka Doll) & Appua (Appu aka Baby Elephant) usually keep me busy around noon as I cook for them with my new kitchen set. Once they have their lunch, I have mine with Daadi Ma and then I doze for an afternoon nap :) I make sure that I put Gulia to sleep before I do!

9) Mamma is usually back by the time I wake up so the next couple of hours are spent playing with her. 'Utho' 'Utho' requests are made till she takes me out to meet one of my neighborhood friends - Eshika or Khanak.

10) Daddy comes in and then we visit the Guwara (Gurudwara) and Pakka (Park). As per Daddy, it's the best part of his daily routine these days! The peaceful atmosphere and the cool air in the park is truly refreshing. I'm now able to ride the swing on my own, Daddy makes me sit on it and I hold on to the swing tightly with my both hands. There's nothing like sitting alone on the swing & enjoying it :)

11) Dinner is usually followed by some more study time, this time along with Daddy as he reads out my favorite stories to me. Once I get bored of the stories, we move over to music and Daddy sings some of my favorite songs based on my request (order really !). 'Lakki' means 'Lakdi ki Kaathi', 'Papua' means 'Pappu can't dance', 'Seengh' means 'Singh is King' and 'Addeee' means 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi'. We are trying to add to our collection every day :)

Time flies by and we hardly get to know when the clock hits 11 in the night. Then, the struggle to put me to sleep begins. And you think two year olds have a easy relaxed life :D

God Bless !!


Alka said...

Hey Vanu, I came by to see if there were updates from your end, and you have laughing with your busy schedule! Sounds like you are 2 going on 22 - ab 22 hote hue kya hoga? :) Too cute..

Vanu said...


Thank you, yeah even Daddy is left wondering what will happen when I actually turn 22?

God Bless,