Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twenty Months Old !

29th June, 2009 - I've completed 20 months today on Planet Earth ! (Daddy, you should be ashamed on making a habit out of publishing posts in a back date. I'll not tolerate any more excuses from now on)

Life is busy as a twenty month old with lots to do & lots to learn so the last one month has been no exception to my usual busy schedule ;). I made my first trip to Delhi and I had the joy of a chuk-chuk train ride after a very long time. It was a short 2 day trip but I had a blast enjoying with Naani, Maasi, Maama & others.

Apart from the Delhi trip, the last one month has been all about conversations. The 50 odd word vocabulary from last month has grown in leaps & bounds. It still includes a lot of custom tailored words to suit my pronounciation but I'm usually able to get the message across. Some of the other words I've picked up & I love to go on & on repeating them:-

Bassh - Tooth Brush ! The moment I get up in the morning, I take Daddy over to the wash basin and ask him to hand over by 'Bassh' to me. The next 5 minutes are usually spent chewing the poor old 'Bassh' instead of brushing the teeth. Daddy has been teaching me his way of brushing the teeth but I still prefer my own innovative way :)

Guwara - Gurudwara !! Daddy & I have settled into a routine of visiting the near by Gurudwara every day (except when Daddy comes very late from office & that annoys me more than anything else in the world). I make it a point to shout 'Guwara' as many times as needed to drag him out of the house and on the way to 'Guwara'. Once at 'Guwara', I make it a point to seek Babaji's blessings by bowing my head a few times (It used to be once earlier, now it varies from 10-20 times). It's a very peaceful feeling to listen to the Gurbani and if there are a few kids of my age there, we've a blast playing together. The next stop after 'Guwara' is the park to see the fancy lights of the new fountains.

'Paari' & 'Pucchi' are now hard to get now that I'm growing up. Daddy often bribes me with a chocolate/ Gems to get it ;)

Appu is another one of my close buddies with whom I've long conversations !! He usually listens patiently to me & doesn't try to interrupt like Daddy/ Mamma do. That's why I love him a lot !!

I wish Daddy took more time off to update this blog as there's so much to share!! Hoping that the next post will come soon !!

God Bless!

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