Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Twenty Two Months Old !!

29th August, 2009 - Happy Long Due 22nd to me :), yeah, you got it right - long due to Daddy's laziness. Well, I'll spare him for once, it's not exactly laziness but a lot of things happening on professional and personal front for him.

Anyway, let's leave the cribbing part for later and get down to some fun and a recap of what changed between 21st and 22nd months :P. For those unawares of the 'Gudia Shaadi' shock, here's a recap. I know shock is an understatement, Daddy took nearly 2 months to gather the courage for the next post after that shaadi encounter!

As evident from this pic, growing up is all about getting independent :) Freedom to drive your own vehicle, freedom to write on the walls, on your hands, on Daddy's hands (even his tummy isn't spared on occasions) and do a whole bunch of things I couldn't do earlier.

- From a hobby, Meera has become a bit of an obsession. Daddy finds it astonishing that for a child who's barely twenty two months old and doesn't know what a watch or a clock is, I know exactly when it's time (8 PM) to switch the channels to watch my favorite show - Meera. I really find her very cute and adorable. Like her, I'm in love with 'Kissna' and every time I see him during the episodes, I make sure I point him out to Daadi. Dinner is usually served and duly consumed (Thank God !) while watching the adventures of Meera everyday. If you ever wondered how can one shake a leg on the bhajans shown in a mythological serial like Meera, you need some lessons from me for sure :P

- While Meera takes care of the dinner, it's my favorite Lord Krishna who is my breakfast partner. I rarely miss 'Jai Shri Krishna' every morning at 10:30 AM. It's also the time Daddy usually sneaks out of the home to office when I'm engrossed in watching the adventures of Krishna. He thinks I don't know it but I keep a tab on all his actions :) As you guessed, Krishna is part of my daily routine whether it be watching Jai Shri Krishna in the morning, listening to Krishna's stories by Daadi before I doze for my afternoon nap, visiting the nearby Krishna temple when Daddy comes back from office or watching Meera during dinner time :)

I'm a religious and devoted child all right (ahem!) but by no means do I miss having fun with films and gossip either ! Haule Haule Uncle (SRK) is my favorite and I call him as 'Haule Hoole'. I now have a new dance partner in Mamma who joins me every time this song plays on radio or TV. I simple love how 'Haule Hole Unkal' dances. It is undoubtedly my favorite song (well, at least till I see 'Seeng is Keeng' again :) That is it regarding the 'films' part. As for the gossip, Daddy says that my 'Girl Talk' signs are starting to appear. It's a complete laugh riot when I and Mamma have our 'Gurrl Talk' and often leaves Daddy rolling on the floors literally ;) More on that, later !

Next month is going to be fascinating stuff with some surprises planned by Daddy! We'll see how it goes and I'll share it soon with you !


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