Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Twenty Three Months Old !

29th September, 2009 - Yippee, just one more month to go before I turn two !!

If the last month wasn't eventful enough, this month had lots and lots of adventure in stores. This was undoubted the month when travel bug hit me big time :) I was on the move for nearly 3 weeks. I missed home, my room, my teddy and my other toys pretty badly :(

It started with a haircut and was pretty much an encore of the 'Hair We Go' episode minus the crying and screaming part. In fact, I didn't even utter a single word through out the 10 minute hair cut :)

The travel started off in 2nd week of September (Mamma-Daddy's wedding anniversary) when Daddy gave us the surprise news that we'll be off to Mumbai and Goa for a week. Well, it was a surprise for Mamma only :) I knew it all along and even helped Daddy plan for the trip. Though Daddy gave me strict instructions on not to tell Mamma about it before he shares the surprise with her, I used to utter 'Mambay Guwa' at least 50 times every day. Thankfully, Mamma couldn't understand what Mambay (Bombay or Aamchi Mumbai) means. As for 'Guwa', Mamma interpreted it as 'Guaa' which in my vocabulary stands for Gurudwara.

I know it's hard to differentiate between 'Guwa' and 'Guaa' but then who said it's easy being a 23 month old? Anyway, it was a welcome break from Daddy's and Mamma's professional duties. So, we set off for our week long holiday !!

Here's my holiday vocabulary from this fantastic trip, used over and over again in this post:-

Aepo - Airport
Aepolane - Aeroplane
Akkal - Uncle
Baish - Barish (Rain)
Ballu - Baloon
Bicch - Beach (Daddy really wishes that I pronounce this one correctly soon !)
Fog - Frog
Ghar - Home Sweet Home
Hoarse - Horse
Hotal - Hotel
Jooo - Juhu
Kabbu - Pigeon
Rooom -Room
Shish - Fish
Tain - Train
And Many More :P

It was my first ever flight and needless to say that I was super excited to arrive at the aepo and watch so many aeoplanes take off one after another. Daddy was worried that I might get scared while takeoff and landing but I was just too busy playing and watching the beautiful sky and the clouds from my window. The air hostess (who preferred to be called as Didi instead of Aunty) gave me some crayons and a coloring book. I colored it all - the coloring book, my hands and Daddy's hands. I was determined to even color the window and other parts of the aeoplane but since Daddy requested me not to do so, I obliged :)

Any guesses as to what our first stop was? Well, for someone who's in love with 'Kissna', it had to be a meeting with Lord Krishna. We stayed at the Juhu Iskcon Guest House - a great place to stay, excellent hospitality and above all the love and warmth of fellow Krishna devotees. Not to mention, the early morning dance on the tunes of 'Hare Krishna' every day :) In Daddy's words, it's a great place to discover your inner peace (whatever that means for him).

The fun ride in Mumbai had just started.

Loads and loads of street shopping to be done :)

My first look on the rocky beaches of Mumbai !

Offering prayers at the Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai !

Striking a pose at Gateway of India !!

Playing with my favorite Kabbus at Gateway Of India :)

The fun-filled Baggi ride in South Mumbai !! The Baggi Akkal even gave me 2 balloons as a gift :)

Relaxing besides the picturistic Marine Drive Skyline.

Having fun with Daddy in the Iskcon Garden !!

Dancing to the tunes of 'Hare Rama, Hare Krishna' :D

Though it was a short two day stay in Mumbai, it was great fun and unforgettable trip for years to come :) I also offered my prayers at the Father Agnel Church in Bandstand and the Siddhi Vinayak temple. If Mumbai was good, Goa was even better :) More on my Goan adventures in the next post. Goa was followed by a fun-filled outing to Naani's place and a couple of 'Tain' journeys.

Till then, God Bless and Keep Reading :)

- Vanu

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