Saturday, October 17, 2009

Appy Daali (Happy Diwali) !

17th October, 2009 - It was not just another day. It was 'Appy Daali' or as Daddy, Mamma and others call it 'Happy Diwali'. Just to keep everyone aware that I knew the significance of the day, I repeated the words 'Appy Daali' around 100 times from 9 AM in the morning upto midnight.

Whoever visited the house, whether it be relatives, Daddy's friends or even the courier guy was treated with a pretty smile and 'Appy Daali' greeting. After all, Diwali is the occasion to spread joy and love everywhere. We did our puja in the evening at home, lit the whole house with diyas and candles, had a special home made dinner prepared by Mamma and lit a few phooljhadis. Daddy is a big friend of environmental friendliness so he's never been fond of crackers. I've pretty much inherited this from him and I've a strong disliking for noisy fire crackers as well.

Diwali in Jaipur is popular with tourists from all over the world because the whole city looks very pretty under lights. We visited the old city markets to see the lighting on the next day to avoid the heavy traffic on Diwali evening. Here is a lovely picture of my sparkling hometown on Diwali night.

I wish happiness and joy to all of you on this pious occasion! God Bless!!

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