Friday, March 19, 2010

Twenty Five Months Old !!

29th November, 2009 - Yippee, I just completed my Silver Jubilee and in Daddy's words, now I'm '25 months young' rather than '25 months old'. A lot has changed in the last month since I celebrated my 2nd birthday and a lot more may be changing soon, considering that Daddy is now seriously planning to admit me to a Play School.

After being somewhat irregular over the last month, I and Daddy are again settling down to our schedule of visiting the nearby Gurudwara and/or park every night. Though I recite the 'Early to bed, Early to rise' poem fifty times a day without any provocation, it hasn't made any difference to my daily schedule. I get up around 8 (make that 10 for weekends) in the morning and I sleep around midnight. And as you might have guessed it, Ditto for Daddy!

I've started playing Carrom regularly with Grandma these days. However, there's a slight difference in rules for me. While Grandma still has to use the striker, I can use my hands to pick anything from anywhere and place it anywhere. Yup, just about anywhere, and in case someone alleges that I'm cheating, I don't mind throwing a few things out of the room window to prove my point.

And much to Daddy's delight, I'm now no longer a victim of mistaken identity :P. I can now pronounce my name as 'Vanisha' rather than 'Manisha'. It took a lot of lessons from Daddy & Mamma on how to combine 'One' and 'Isha' to help spell Vanisha but I'm glad that their hard work has paid off ;)

And in just in case you are wondering, the memories of Mumbai Goa trip just refuse to go away from my mind. If Daddy asks 'Ghoomne chalna hai', the prompt answer is 'Hum Bombay Jayenge!' :) And finally, here are the hilarious results of our ABCD lessons.

A - Appal, Main Khaoongi
B - Boll, Mujhe khelna hai
C - Cat Mauu Billeee
D - Doggie Black Wala
E - Eleshant, Mujhe baithna hai
F - Shish, Macchli jal ki naani hai !
G - Goat kaise karti.. meh meh
H - Horse Shaadi mein uncle baithte
I - Ice Keem Kool Kool (What Else !)
J - Joker, Papa joker ban jaate
K - Kyte, itni uppar udti
L - Lion Mujhe darr lagta
M - Monkee Kho Kho karta
N - I still find it difficult to find a word :(
O - Orange, mujhe juice peena
P - Peekok, barish mein daancee karta
Q - Qwee (aka Queen)
R - Roz (aka Rose)
S - Duck (aka Swan)
T - TieGurr
U - Umbarla, main barish mein leke ghoomi jaati
V - Van, unkle ke paas hai
W - Ghadi (aka watch)
X - Too complicated to find a word, isn't it
Z - Zebba

Not bad for a 25 month old, what do you say :)

God Bless !

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vanu,

It's been more than a year since we heard anything from you!!!
Tell your dad that we are missing being a part of your life :) and ask him to write a post soon!

Love and care