Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy (2nd) Birthday !

29th October, 2009 - Just in case, you thought that I've recently turned two years old. That's NOT the case! That happened last year and precisely speaking, it happened 5 months ago and today is 15th March, 2010. It's time to rewind the clock. There's no other way that Daddy can fulfill his promise of updating this blog at least once every month. So, from now on, we'll have some posts go back with the time machine until Daddy gets his act together to post regularly.

Unlike the last year's birthday bash, we decided to keep my second birthday a family affair. Of course, there were plenty of birthday wishes and blessings from friends, family and from a handful regular readers of my blog. Thankfully, some things never change. Like last year, I was greeted with hugs, kisses, blessings and 'Happy Birthday' messages from Daddy, Mamma, Grandpa, Grandma and Bhua when I woke up on 29th October morning. When they asked me 'aaj kya hai', the prompt reply was 'Mera Happy To You!'.

Doesn't matter if you say 'Happy to you' or 'Happy Birthday to you' as long as you can get the message across, right ;)? Mamma brought me a lovely musical keyboard as a gift and Daadi got me a little yellow chair.

It had been hardly over a month so the Mumbai-Goa trip from September was still afresh in my memories. Here's the Vanu Gyaan from Mumai-Goa trip

- All aeroplanes either go to Bombay or Goa. Whenever I look at any plane in the skies, if any one asks me 'Where is it going?', The answer is Bombay in most cases and in some cases, Goa. It does not matter if the pilot intends to take it to Delhi, once I decide that it has to be Mumbai, the poor pilot has to oblige.
- All beaches are full of 'Nangu' people
- 'Maine church mein kindle (Candle) jalayi'
- All temples should have 'Kissna' in them, doesn't matter if it's a shiv temple.
- All mosques and churches are same as temples (Sarv Dharma!)
- 'Bombay ka taffic bhot ganda hai' is repeated at least once daily even if you are not in Bombay
- 'Ice Keem Cool Cool hoti hai' :))

More updates coming soon!

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