Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pram Queen !

It's been a while since Daddy updated my blog but he's been awefully busy with a lot of things so I'll spare him one last time. Here we go:-

I knew Daddy was planning it for quiet some time. He was annoyed with himself that he was not getting enough time to do things he liked most - update this blog, bring lots of goodies for me and spends loads of time playing and pampering me :)

As I turned 3 months old, he did take time out for a short visit to the market to get a surprise gift for me. He and Mamma brought this beautiful pink pram for me. My first ride, aptly called "Joy Ride". I simply loved it when Daddy put me in the pram for the first time and took me for a ride from one room to another. It did feel a bit scared when Daddy increased the speed but over time, I've got used to it and I enjoy it even more :)

Now that I'm able to sit with support to my back.. I love sitting in my pram and just lazing around. In fact, moving me to the pram has become the de-facto solution to make me stop crying.

I usually get a ride from Daddy in the morning before he gets ready for office. In evening, it's Mamma's turn and she does the honours when she's back from her college. During the day, Grandma and I have long chats, each in our own language while I'm comfortably seated in my pram.

Photo shoots are common everytime I'm dressed up in pink to match the color of my pram. Actually, Daddy does'nt give a damn to the colour of my dress or even to the fact that I'm dressed or not :), he just loves capturing me smiling and enjoying my ride.

There are kids who don't like prams and then there are those who can't live without it. I've transitioned from the first club to the second one in just a month !!

Hoping that these joy rides last forever !!

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