Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Visit to Naani's place

It's a custom in Daddy's family that kids should not go out (to protect them from evil spirits.... yawn !!) before they are 40 days old. As soon as I touched 40 days, there were a number of phone calls from Naani asking Mamma to come over & spend some time with her. It was winter vacation time at Naani's school as well.

So, Daddy booked the tickets & we set off for Naani's place on 15th December, 2007. We took the 'Jaipur Amritsar Express' train which is usually on time & takes 9 hours to reach Sirsa from Jaipur. Since the weather was really cold, I was packed with clothes, more clothes & more of them :) to prevent me from the cold weather. The train departed at 19:30 PM in the evening & I was fast asleep till 1 in the night.

Daddy had read in one of the crap parenting blogs that young kids find it very difficult to cope up with the noise in rail travel, especially when another train passes by in the other direction. I wonder what makes Daddy believe in all these things !!

Anyway, I woke up at 1 & ensured that no one else could sleep till 2:30 AM. There was a doctor on the adjacent seat who took good care of me as well before I dozed off again into my dreams. By the time I woke up again, we had reached Naani's house at 5 in the morning.

Daddy returned to Gurgaon the very next day to resume office duties. He knew I would be away for atleast two weeks so he tried to make up for it by kissing me at least 50 times in less than 10 minutes before he left for Gurgaon. Daddy, your beard hurts !!

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