Friday, January 18, 2008

Meeting Daddy - 12th Jan, 2008

It was now exactly one month that I had been at Naani's place in Sirsa, my new home away from home. All this while, Daddy was missing me more than I/ Mamma missed him. He reached Sirsa at 5 AM in the morning on 12th January and the first thing he did then was the same thing he had done when he left me at Naani's house one month back - that was to kiss me almost 50 times !

I don't like it when he does'nt shave & kisses me on my cheeks but since he loves me a lot so I'll pardon him for that. I & Daddy were seeing each other after one month. He said to Mamma that my looks have changed a lot in past one month. That's true daddy ! It's the law of nature & that's how kids grow up. I've obviously become more cute than earlier & I've also gained some weight.. oops.. girls are never supposed to say that :)

The most important change he noticed was that I've started to smile a lot more than I used to earlier and respond to people's actions. Till I was 7 weeks old, I mostly smiled while sleeping & enjoying my dreams. But now, I've developed a cute social smile.

We set off for Jaipur the very same night.. yet another train journey for me :). This one was a bit longer than the Jaipur<->Sirsa journey a month back but I slept through out the night & woke up when the train had arrived at Jaipur railway station.

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