Monday, January 7, 2008

Polio Vaccination - 6th Jan, 2008

6th January was the first polio campaign for the year 2008. Mamma & Nani took me to a nearly Polio Vaccination booth & got me vaccinated. This is my third polio vaccination. The doctor had recommended to Daddy & Mamma that they should get me vaccinated each time there's such a campaign.

I don't really like the taste of polio drops but I don't mind it either as Mamma gives me a full spoon of honey after the vaccination. I absolutely love the taste of honey & I even cry to make Mamma realize that I want some more of it. What a pity that Mamma does not understand my language yet!

Anyway, it's very important for young kids especially those less than a year old. It is a must to eradicate a disease like Polio from our society as it has spoiled the lives of a large number of kids.

I'm quiet happy & so is Daddy as he's coming to Nani's place to take me to Jaipur. I'm excited to be going back home where Grandpa, Grandma & Bhua are also eager awaiting my arrival.

Hopefully, the next post will be from Jaipur with Daddy sitting besides me!


AD said...

Hey Vanu ..(I will use ur nick name) ...u are too cute. And regd your dady, I have always known him to be a super intelligent guy but now I know that he is a very gud blogger too ..:)
Wish you all gud luck and lots of love.....

Gaurav said...


Thanks for your post.. I know a few ADs & since your profile/ blog does not have your full name, it's tough to recognize you.

Let me give it a shot - it must be Anuj Dhamija :). You too own a great blog. Good work, keep going!

Gaurav (ahem! on behalf of Vanu :)

AD said...

When I talked abt intelligent daddy I meant it you see...:)
I have a dormant blog I don't have a cute motivation like Vanu to keep it active...
This is a really nice blog..first of its kind that I saw..Vanu will enjoy it very much when she is able to read it ....You keep going till she takes over...