Saturday, January 5, 2008

The 'Name Saaga' continues

Daddy has a habit of going into a shell once in a while and hence a long break since last post :(

I turned two months old on 29th December, 2007. Daddy read an article few days back in one of the leading newspapers which said:-

"It is scientifically proven that children with names starting with the first few letters of the english language (A,B up to G.. all right... stretch it up to M) tend to do a lot better academically than those with names starting with the last few letters (T-Z)"

I know that it's ridiculous however Daddy is fond of getting worried on getting almost everything as perfect as possible for me. He's had the following argument on this theory:

* The roll number convention in majority of schools is based on the starting alphabet of first name of the child. His schooling story was pretty much the same. A guy named 'Ambreesh' was well & truly a cut above the rest & easily the best student in his class. Dad believed that he got an unfair advantage because his roll number was in the beginning (I know it sounds RUBBISH, that's the way daddy is :)

Anyway, he loves my name & me more than anything else so he won't change it now (that's what I hope). My family has already derived a lot of nick names for me, the list goes as follows:

Vanu - Daddy's favourite, now it's been taken over by Mamma as well
Vini - Granpda's favourite
Pari - Bhua's favourite
Vanisha - GrandMa always insists on calling me by my name. She did'nt have a nick name for daddy either when he was born :)

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