Friday, December 21, 2007

What's in a name?

William Shakespeare did'nt have kids for sure, otherwise he would have never said those words. As Daddy and Mamma realized, it's a nerve-racking exercise in itself. It's a common custom in hindu religion that the pundit tells the first alphabet of the name based on a child's place and time of birth.

Daddy had already done his homework and created a big database of latest hindu names. He maintained a list of his favorite names for boys as well as girls. The internet is a big aid in finding baby names. It also confuses people all the more with so many choices cropping up!!

When I was a week old, Daddy and GrandPa went to the pundit to find out the first alphabet of my name. He told them that it's a "V". I'm a scorpio (it's called Vrish in hindi) by sun sign. It was'nt the best alphabet daddy could have hoped for and both he and Mamma did'nt agree on a name with 'V'.

So, the went for a second round of alphabet from the near by Gurudwara. The way Gurudwara does the naming it is based on fetching any page from the Guru Granth Sahib and it's belived that it is god's choice. Any how, the alphabet from gurudwara given out was 'P'.

The second round caused more problems than solving any. Daddy and Mamma were more confused than ever and the list began to grow. Here is the first list of names from 'V' that they thought about:-

Vaanya (Mamma's favourite)

They had a back up plan for alphabet 'P' as well:-

Prachi (Daddy's favourite)

Mamma then found some more:-


It finally came down to between Vedika, Vaanya and Vanisha. They decided that it's better off going with 'V' rather than 'P' as it aligns well astrologically. The day soon arrived when Dad had to set off to get my birth certificate. It was still a toss between Vedika and Vanisha. The argument followed:-

Vedika - Good Meaning but too common (Moreover, it was the name for one of the villains in Mamma's favourite TV serial)

Vaanya - Mamma absolutely loved this name. Daddy did'nt like it as he believed that it's a bit too modern for India. It sounds similar to Vanya which means forest. Vaanya itself means queen of the forest. The meaning killed this one !!

Vanisha - This is a name that's not very common, it means 'pure' 'purest'. Sounds good and means great !! After much discussion, they decided that I'll be named Vanisha. Every body loved this name !!

Mamma further wanted it to be spelled as Vaneesha but Daddy was adamant to keep it as Vanisha. He convinced Mamma & she agreed to keep it that way. Though she absolutely loves this name, the only part that she does'nt like it is that most people hear it as 'Manisha' which is perhaps the most common name amongst girls in India.


Anonymous said...

Read your lovely post and loved it. I have also named my daughter Vanisha. In our case, we went to the hospital with a girl and a boy name having already decided. So it was easy in our case :). Regards - A proud father.

Vanu said...

Congratulations and welcome to the club of proud fathers :) Enjoy your parenthood!

Vanisha said...

Hello proud parents :) I came across your blog while looking for the meaning of my name, and I'm glad I did! I loved the post! Looking forward to see more about your little angel <3

Viden Singh said...

Realy a beautiful name, I was searching for a different and awsm name for my sis's doughter, n av got "VANISHA" pass my thnx to ur mother for such a beautiful name:)

Anonymous said...

My name is Venisha. Indian origin means dedicated. lovely post.