Friday, December 21, 2007

The very next day !!

If Daddy were to count things that Mamma is scared of, the list would be endless. However, dogs and labour pain (or rather the fear of labour pain) would top the list any day.

It was sunday 10 PM when Mamma felt untolerable pain in her stomach. Daddy was unsure as to whether it was labour pain or some other illness. A couple of hours passed by and the pain refused to go away, Daddy took Mamma to the hospital with grandma.

At the hospital, the doctor examined Mamma again & told daddy that perhaps their child was eager to meet them so they'll have to prepone the delivery. She said that we could expect the baby next morning @ 11 AM. It was one of the most difficult nights to pass for Daddy with Mamma crying in pain on his shoulder and there was pretty much nothing he could do about it. Further, Mamma was given pain drips to increase the pain & ensure that she went into labour timely. None of them - Daddy, Mamma and GrandMa slept that night. They kept talking to Mamma and hoped that the night would pass soon. It did pass, slowly and by morning, rather unfortunately, Mamma's pain went away as well. She was induced further pain drips to sustain the labour pain. Daddy says that it was the longest and most painful night of his life.

The nurses would come every 2 hours to make sure that everything was normal. By noon, the labour pain reached it's prime and Mamma was barely able to talk to us. She's always been scared of labour pain & now the moment had arrived. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, she was moved to operation theatre.

I wish Daddy wrote about what happened afterwards but he just does'nt have the courage to do so ;)

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