Friday, December 21, 2007

The penultimate visit to doctor's clinic !

27th Oct, 2007:- A day after landing in Jaipur, Daddy decided to take Mamma for a health checkup. Daddy tried to find out the best doctors and hospitals in Jaipur before they moved there. He finally zeroed in on 'Holy Family' hospital in Raja Park, Jaipur. The hospital is a 5 minute drive/ 15 minute walk from our home in Adarsh Nagar.

The owner of Holy Family hospital is Dr. Neeta Ahluwalia, one of the most reputed doctors in Jaipur. She's from a defence background and very professional as far as work is concerned. After examining Mamma, she told that every thing is normal & the due date would be 3rd November (saturday). Daddy and Mamma went back home reassured and hoping that a week would pass by in a fly !

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