Friday, December 21, 2007

Welcome Home !!

The first 2 nights in this world were'nt exactly the best I could have hoped for, I was not able to take feeds from Mamma who tried ever so hard. Mamma & Daddy were really sad when they saw me crying at the top of my voice (at 2 AM in the night :). It was a big change for me coming into this world from the secure prison where I stayed for last 8.5 months :)

Anyway, every body was very pleased when I arrived at home and they were always queueing up to hold me in their arms. More relatives & daddy's friends visited us in the next couple of days. After a couple of days, I started taking feeds from Mamma and every body had a huge sigh of relief !!

When I was born, I weighed 2.7 kg which is rather low. A normal healthy baby in India weighs somewhere around 3 kg in India while the norm in US & other developed countries is closer to 3.5 kg.

I got a couple of vital vaccination injections which made Daddy cry more than me :). Daddy soon informed his office colleagues about it and more blessings followed me.

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