Friday, December 21, 2007

29th Oct, 2007@4:42 PM: I've arrived !!

Daddy & GrandMa were waiting anxiously outside the operation theatre for the last one & a half hour. Daddy had already asked GrandMa about five times as to how long it would take and each time GrandMa said that it could be any moment now !!

Anyhow, the moment did come when the nurse came out and informed Daddy that he's been blessed with a beautiful daughter. She asked for the baby's clothes and went back inside the operation theatre.

Daddy was overjoyed to know that he was blessed with a baby girl. A million thoughts crossed his mind the very same moment - carrying me on his lap, dropping me to school when I grow up, seeing me go to college and even marrying me off to the prince of my dreams. He's got quiet an imagination as you can see ;)

The nurse came back after 5 minutes carrying me in her arms and handed me over to Daddy. The last few months had been emotionally & physically draining for him as well as Mamma and he broke down in tears with joy as he held me close to his heart. This was the moment he had waited for all his life, fatherhood - what a special feeling !!

Mamma came out of the operation theatre after another 5 minutes & daddy gave her the longest hug of her life :). Usually, it's the mother who touches the baby first as the doctors do it that way. In my case, daddy was the one who held me first as Mamma was still in the operation theatre. No wonder why I'm daddy's girl !!

It was then Mamma's turn to hold me in her arms. Those were moment that Daddy and Mamma will never forget. What a pity that I am too young to realize those :(. After Mamma, grandma held me in her arms and I loved it. It was probably my first smile (while sleeping) after entering this world.

They informed Grandpa and Bhua at home who were equally happy to hear the news. Within a couple of hours, all close relatives (Naani, Daddy's Mama Ji etc.) and friends were informed and the blessings were coming thick and fast from all corners.

The next day Naani arrived from Sirsa. One of daddy's closest childhood friends visited us the next day as well. They were followed by a bunch of relatives who just kept coming :)

Mamma stayed 2 nights in the hospital before we were discharged on Wednesday morning and I was set to visit my home for the first time.

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