Friday, December 21, 2007

Diwali 2007 - My Chola Ceremony !!

Time flew by and 10 days passed, 9th November arrived. It was Diwali - the biggest festival of India, the biggest celebration, the time to shop & eat lots of sweets. The time to catch up with friends and relatives and wish them well for the next year!

It is also the noisiest festival in India with people bursting crackers till the wee hours. Daddy was already worried that I'll find it difficult to cope up with the noise of firecrackers and he had contingency plans to stick some cotton in my ears. Thankfully, that was not needed as I slept though the night without even noticing what was going on around me.

Since it's one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu Calendar, Daddy thought that it would be a perfect occasion to take me to the gurudwara & seek Baba Ji's blessings. I dressed up in a beautiful pink dress which Daddy absolutely loved. The ritual was short and sweet and we were back home within an hour. Daddy clicked a few snaps of mine that day too, he was fond of doing it every day. He just did'nt want to miss any moment that was worth a click on his camera. Some day, I'll be old enough to see all my pics and take a flash back down the memory lane to my yester years.

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