Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Those Nine Months !

Perhaps it's more appropriate that Mamma write this blog rather than Daddy but she's not too fond of writing and she's always busy taking care of me, so daddy will do the honours :)

It's often said that the birth of a child is nature's most amazing creation. The nine months leading up to the birth are a mixed bag of emotions for the mother, father and the child. As my gandpa was not well, so my parents were on their own in Gurgaon during my mother's pregnancy. Daddy used to tell Mamma that he's always been there for her and will always be there for her. Mamma is his best friend (not any more, I'm his latest crush) and will always be.

Mamma coped up well during the first couple of months of her pregnancy without any health problems. She attended college regularly so that she did'nt miss the gossip sessions with her colleagues about the latest TV serials, movies and actors. She taught students in spare time as well ;). Daddy used to drop her to college in the morning and pick her up in the evening. He adjusted his work schedule so that he would spend maximum time with Mamma during this critical period. His was a tough job, working all day in office and then attending late night conference calls but he enjoyed doing it. Mamma often says that he's born to work and office is like his second wife :).

There were times when Mamma's health went up and down but she managed well with Daddy on her side. There would be times when she would place her head on daddy's shoulder and ask him about their future, their child. Daddy always assured her that everything will be fine. Daddy felt guilty that he was not taking enough care of Mamma and always tried to do better with every passing day.

They celebrated their anniversary (12th Sep) and Mamma's birthday (19th Sep) meanwhile and very happy to know that I'll be joining them next year onwards in those celebrations.

On 26th October, 2007, they moved to Jaipur as the due date was just two weeks away. Mamma took a break from her work schedule while Daddy took a short break from his office.

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